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Environmental protection, workplace wellness, and safety are integral to SPI success. The company’s Environmental Policy is based on compliance, risk reduction and prevention, resource management, and communication.

To reinforce these policies, SPI has developed an environmental management system that systematically and comprehensively tracks and reduces environmental impacts in all business operations. See below to see SPI’s specific goals for areas of energy conservation, waste reduction, and environmental education & awareness.


1. Reduce Hot water usage

  •  Replaced electric hot water tank with instant on demand hot water

2. Reduce power consumption at the Windsor Plant.

  • Continue installing T5/LED lighting fixtures with motion sensors.

  • Added ceramic barrel heaters to presses.

3. Reduce oil usage at the Windsor Plant

  • Replace oil fittings and LPA’s for oil leaks

4. Minimize electricity waste at Headquarters by developing a shutdown checklist and procedures

5. Purchase LED monitors instead of LCD monitors.


1. Human Resources is looking to reduce paper files by looking into digitizing records.

2. Use paperless forms for POs, CO acknowledgements, invoices.

Continue to explore alternative measures to increase waste stream recycling programs.

  • Target additional recycling opportunities.

  • Review green alternatives where applicable.

3. Minimize waste, especially during customer visits.

  • Installed water dispenser to minimize use of bottled water.

  • Install motion sensors in rooms so lights go off when not in use.

  • Car pool when possible to visit customers.

  • Set AC at higher temps in office/conference rooms during summer months.

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