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Stratus Plastics
International Inc.


  • Founded in 2004

  • Wholly owned subsidiary of the privately held SPI Group corporation

  • Leading supplier of contract manufacturing services and injection molded plastic parts. 

1000 ton injection molding machine,  Windsor ontario.  Robotic removal, gantry robot

SPI Group

  • Headquartered in Windsor Ontario

  • 40,000+ square feet of manufacturing space  

  • Multiple business awards

  • Canadian Minority-owned corporation

  • Specialties include long term custom injection molding, design support, prototyping, and distribution.


                                                                    To Build Relationships, Products, and People

Key Values

As part of its mission, SPI employees embrace the following key values, which serve as the foundation for continued improvement, growth and success of the company.


As members of the SPI team, we will treat each other with honesty and respect at all times. Favoritism, discrimination, and special privileges have no place at SPI.

Work Environment

We will encourage the exchange of new ideas by creating a cooperative, team-oriented working environment. We will maintain a physical working environment which is clean and safe at all times.


We will deal honestly and openly with our customers, our co-workers, our suppliers and the public.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is everyone’s primary job at SPI. Each of us will strive to satisfy the needs of not only our external customers, but each of our internal customers as well.


We will comply with all laws and government regulations at all times. We will conduct business in an ethical manner.

Corporate Citizenship

We will be a good and active corporate citizen in the communities in which we operate.

Financial Stability

We will maintain a strong financial position by re-investing our profits in new equipment, new technology and new training while avoiding long-term debt.

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