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Providing the highest level of quality custom plastic molded products to ensure a 100% customer satisfaction.


We ensure we deliver all your requirements when and where needed, no  compromises.


Our promise is our bond. Anything we promise to create will be done as promised.

SPI was founded in 2004 as an injection molding company and has been ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified since 2010. Today, with several years of molding experience behind us, SPI has grown to be one of the top custom injection molders in North America.

Our machinery;

  • Clamp force range- 100-3000 tons

  • Shot size range-  28-400 ounces

Our areas of expertise;

  • Solid injection

  • Structural foam

  • Overmolding

  • Gas-assist

Product types

  • single cavity

  • open and shut mold

  • complex, multi-cavity

  • complex, multi-gate

  • complex, multi-action tool

SPI has developed core expertise in long run production and manufacturing services in response to market demands for:

  • Longterm production run 

  • Experienced design-for-manufacturability & technical support

  • Flexibility timing

  • Additional capabilities

    • Mold try-outs​

    • Short run production

    • Contingency production support 

    • Program management

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