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Stratus Plastics Inc. packages, assembles, and performs secondary operations to help shorten the supply chain, provide turnkey manufacturing, and reduce lead times and overall costs.

  • In-cycle assembly and in-house assembly lines available to shorten the supply chain

  • The on-site Automation Lab can build and implement custom robotics to help minimize labor costs

  • Decorating and packaging options are also available to make SPI a one-stop-shop solution

  • Knowledge of RSLogix 5000 and troubleshooting

  • Knowledge of Keyence and Cognex Camera systems 

  • Sonic Welding

  • Clip Assembly

  • Clip Inserts

  • Poke Yoke Verifications

  • Red Rabbits

SPI adds flexibility by offering many different combinations of assembly options, ranging from fully manual to fully automated so that we can produce your plastic injection molded part within your time and budget restraint.  SPI is an injection molding specialist waiting to serve you!  

Clip assembly cell

Clip Assembly and Verification

Sonic Welding A and B parts

Welding A & B + Poke Yoke

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