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3000 Ton Large Tonnage injection molding machine

Stratus Plastics landed 3000-ton injection molding machine in 2017 in Windsor Ontario. We were limited to a few machines due to ceiling height and chose HPM Industries as a machine OEM! They provided a machine that has 4 tie bars that simultaneously move at the same time allowing easy access for quick mold changes and can accommodate the low ceiling height. The machine was massive, it was transported with 4 large open flatbed semi's to bring it in. At the time there were not many local plastic injection molders near me that had such a large machine.

What we learned bringing in a 3000 ton injection molding machine?

1) Space and entry location - This particular project, we had to remove the back wall to bring this machine in.

2) Limited Space to work with - Everything was tight when we did the install, would plan for larger working space

3) Crane limitation to the wall - We we're very close to the wall, it was difficult to get equipment in to install the machine

4) Cost to move and rig - The cost to move this equipment was upwards of $200,000 at the time

5) Refurbishment cost - We refurbished all the pumps and valves

Today we have run over 100 tools of custom injection moulds that have been building products in this machine. Some plastic products that we have built into this machine are Large plastic pallets, Lawn chairs, Automotive fascias, interior trims, exterior trims, large bins and baskets, shopping carts, and much more. Large tonnage injection molding takes a special skill to master to understand the mechanics and complex tooling that goes into this press.

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