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Plastic Environmental Responsibility

Stratus Plastics has been awarded 2022 Earth day Award by Can-Am Recycling Inc. We have also been recognized by the City of Windsor mayor Drew Dilkens. Corporate recycling of plastics is an important aspect of environmental responsibility for businesses. Here are some key considerations and actions for corporate recycling of plastics:

  1. Assess plastic usage: Companies should evaluate their plastic consumption throughout their operations. This involves identifying areas where plastics are used, such as packaging, product components, or office supplies. Understanding the types and quantities of plastics being used will provide a baseline for developing recycling strategies.

  2. Reduce plastic consumption: The first step in corporate recycling is to reduce the amount of plastic used. Companies can explore alternative packaging materials, implement initiatives to minimize plastic waste, and encourage employees to adopt practices that reduce plastic usage, such as using reusable containers or implementing paperless office systems.

  3. Implement recycling programs: Setting up recycling programs within the organization is crucial. This includes providing designated recycling bins for different types of plastic waste, ensuring proper segregation of recyclable plastics, and establishing partnerships with recycling facilities or waste management companies that can handle the collected plastic waste.

  4. Educate employees: Employee awareness and participation are key to the success of corporate recycling efforts. Conduct training sessions or awareness campaigns to educate employees about the importance of recycling, proper segregation practices, and the specific recycling policies within the organization. Regular communication and reminders can help reinforce recycling behaviors.

  5. Engage suppliers and partners: Collaboration with suppliers and business partners is essential for a holistic approach to plastic recycling. Encourage suppliers to reduce plastic packaging or switch to recyclable materials. Consider working with suppliers who have sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Establish guidelines or requirements for partners to ensure alignment with recycling goals.

  6. Explore recycling initiatives and technologies: Stay informed about recycling initiatives and technologies that can aid in the effective recycling of plastics. Investigate opportunities to participate in industry-wide recycling programs, such as plastic bottle collection initiatives or take-back programs for specific products. Consider investing in technologies that can convert plastic waste into usable materials or explore partnerships with recycling startups or organizations.

  7. Measure and track progress: Establish metrics to measure and track the progress of corporate recycling efforts. Monitor the amount of plastic waste generated, the percentage of waste being recycled, and the overall impact of recycling initiatives. Regularly assess the effectiveness of recycling programs and make adjustments as needed to improve performance.

  8. Communicate sustainability efforts: Transparently communicate the company's recycling efforts to stakeholders, including employees, customers, and investors. Highlight the progress made, share success stories, and provide information on how stakeholders can contribute to recycling initiatives. This helps to build a positive brand image and encourages others to adopt responsible recycling practices.

By incorporating recycling practices into their operations, businesses can contribute to reducing plastic waste, conserve resources, and demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility.

Lawrence Pazner and Barbara Cheifetz from CAN-AM Recycling Inc., presented Stratus Plastics with an Earth Day Recycling Recognition Award on April 22, 2022. CAN-AM Recycling recognized Stratus Plastics for their efforts to better sort, identify and ship their scrap plastics. Can-Am Recycling presented the Earth Day Award to the management team at Stratus Plastics and planted a tree on site at their Kew Drive location to commemorate Earth Day.

Every year, Can-Am Recycling awards one of the companies that supplies them with scrap plastics the Earth Day Award. These companies take recycling seriously and use their time and resources to separate and identify their scrap plastic to maximize the value and recovery.

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