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Injection Molding Space Requirements

Plastic injection molding space requirements will depend on the size and complexity of the equipment and machinery being used, as well as the number of employees needed to operate it. Some general requirements for plastic injection molding include:

  • Adequate floor space to accommodate the injection molding machines, auxiliary equipment, and any necessary material handling equipment

  • Ample ceiling height to accommodate overhead cranes or hoists (if used)

  • Adequate electrical and power supply to run the equipment

  • Adequate ventilation to remove any fumes or smoke generated during the molding process

  • Adequate space for storing raw materials, finished products, and waste materials

  • Adequate space for office, break room, and restroom facilities for employees

It is important to note that specific requirements may vary depending on the size and complexity of the equipment, the type of plastic being used, and the size of the production runs.

In our latest design in our Kentucky facility, we decided to space our machines 20 ft apart to allow a 20' by 20' working area for assembly and automation. The spacing allowed us to reduce the amount of travel time in assembly and production.

For storage space, we have approx 20,000 sqft for finished goods and another 20,000 sqft in totes, gaylords and bins. 15,000 sqft of racking with multiple materials and colors available for production.

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