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Reshoring Plastic Parts to USA and Canada

The hottest topic in 2020-2023 is reshoring manufacturing back to North America. As an injection molder, we have seen tremendous amounts of quotes to reshore back to North America. Anywhere from consumer products, OEM companies, after-market parts, agriculture, and many more products coming back.

The advantages of reshoring manufacturing include:

  1. Cost savings: Reshoring can reduce costs associated with logistics, transportation, and inventory carrying. Additionally, reshoring can also mitigate the risks of expensive travel costs, higher airfreight costs, and most importantly HEADACHE!

  2. Quality control: By having manufacturing operations closer to home, companies can better monitor and control the quality of their plastic products. This can help to reduce defects and improve customer satisfaction.

  3. Lead time: Reshoring can help to reduce lead time, as products can be manufactured and delivered more quickly. This can help companies to be more responsive to market changes and customer demand.

  4. Better intellectual property protection: By reshoring, companies can better protect their intellectual property and prevent counterfeit goods from entering the market.

  5. Communication: Reshoring can improve communication between the company and its manufacturing partners, helping to reduce delays and reworks. This can help to improve collaboration and lead to better products.

  6. Job creation and economic boost: Reshoring can lead to job creation, and can help to revitalize local economies by increasing the demand for goods and services.

  7. Sustainability: By reducing transportation and logistics, reshoring can help to reduce carbon emissions and promote more sustainable manufacturing practices.

The decision to reshore plastic injection molding operations, or bring them back to the country where the company is based, is a complex one that depends on a variety of factors. Some of the key considerations include labor costs, logistics and transportation, quality control, and lead time. Additionally, the current state of the global economy and the availability of skilled labor in the country where the operations are being considered for reshoring may also play a role. Ultimately, the decision to reshore will depend on a company's specific circumstances and priorities.

Stratus Plastics is dedicated to helping companies reshore their injection molding needs. We will help with design and engineering, Tool build, cost reductions, trucking, shipping, and quotes. From 2020-2023 we have reshored 11 jobs ranging from consumer products that retail in major retailers, bins, agriculture products, toys, and furniture. Stratus is familiar with the process and can guide you every step of the way.

Serving multiple areas for your injection molding needs.

Midwest such as Michigan, Ohio, Cincinnati, Toledo, Indiana

Southwest such as Kentucky, Tennesse, Alabama, South Carolina

Canada - southwestern Canada London, Toronto Chatham

Stratus Plastics is also a Minority supplier! Reach out to us!

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