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Water Tower System

Stratus Plastics Kentucky is in the process of replacing an older Marley 100-ton tower with a 300-ton advantage unit. The upgrade was necessary when running Large Tonnage injection molding machines with large barrels. Stratus has 1500 ton, 2000 ton, 3000 ton injection molding machines that support a number of clients in agriculture, automotive, retail and construction.

With the number of plastic products being produced the need for a larger tower unit is necessary. Stratus believes it's the heart of the plant and without an adequate water tower, it creates issues in part quality, dimensional, and appearance.

The custom molding requires this type of water system, thickwalled parts need excessive cooling in order to meet required cycle times. Without the tower, cycle times increase by as much as 40% without proper cooling. Plastic Injection Molding is easy from the outside but on the inside, there is plenty of thought and talented people that piece this all together. Stratus is fortunate to have such a strong team of engineers and manufacturers to accomplish one goal.

Stratus has produced many automotive and non-automotive thick parts such as:

Agriculture plastic products

- Plastic Farm Bins

- Plastic Bins

- Plastic Chicken crates - 15 lb PP-Copolymer

- Plastic Turkey Crates - 12 lb PP-Copolymer

- Plastic Pallets - 18 lb plastic pallet

- Plastic feeders

Construction Products

- Plastic parking blocks - recycled PP 15lb shot

- Plastic inground canisters


- Thick-walled covers


- Thick walled planters made out of recycled rubber

- Thick-walled flower pots out of recycled

- Plastic Garbage bins

- Plastic Storage bins

In order to manufacture these large thick-walled plastic parts, we have ran them in multiple machines. Our cooling demand sits in the range of 200+ tons requirement to meet my current manufacturing landscape. We are proud to manufacture large plastic products in the USA and in Canada.

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